Since the NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program launched in 2011 as a pathway to translation for NSF’s basic research investments:

I-Corps Mid-Atlantic Hub Success Stories

HR Geckos aims to transform human resources with the help of I-Corps

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PathOtrak awarded $885,000 phase II SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation

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Early DC I-Corps company N5 Sensors raises $1 million for microscale environmental sensing

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Living Canopies transforms patios with living umbrellas with help from DC I-Corps

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Ten years of I-Corps: the program that changed innovation

When it was launched ten years ago in 2011, the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Program seemed an unlikely formula for success: give NSF-funded and other researchers a crash course in entrepreneurial skills so they can identify and commercialize their most promising discoveries, thus amplifying the impact of the government’s investment in basic research.

The seven-week program would be based on the Lean Launchpad course developed at Stanford University by serial entrepreneur and maverick thinker Steve Blank, and require the researchers and their student colleagues to assess the commercial potential of their research using intensive customer discovery, talking to dozens of possible stakeholders.

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Read the I-Corps 2021 Bienneial report

The Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Biennial Report highlights the progress of the I-Corps program and its impacts on the research community. Read the report in PDF format by clicking on the image or button below.

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"I-Corps was amazing for us. It has made all the difference. Before participating in I-Corps, I was a scientist who thought of problems to solve. Now I have learned that it’s not about the technology itself; rather, it’s about solving a problem that exists already and providing a solution for it.

javier attencia, Founder and Chief Executive Office, pathotrak

The empathy map, trying to understand what other people think and feel and why. It was huge. That’s really how you can be effective at getting people to make the decisions you want them to. Put yourself in their shoes to be effective with them. Both professionally and personally, I learned a great deal from I-Corps.

dave tilley, co-founder and CEO, Living canopies