Mildred Diggs

Mildred Diggs

Mildred Diggs is the founder and CEO of Journiy, a digital care management company that improves patient adherence to medical treatment plans for chronic diseases through a culturally tailored approach. Over the years, Diggs worked as a registered nurse, a US soldier, and a customer service representative. She received her nursing degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and is currently an MBA candidate at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business. 

Diggs was born and raised in Liberia, and has always had a gift for recognizing problems and creating solutions. As a teenager, she started several one-off businesses in Liberia, to which her family would make jokes, calling her a serious businesswoman.

During her time bedside, Diggs worked to improve patient safety and the well-being of the nursing team, eventually becoming the head of staff well-being on her floor. As a critical care nurse, she often saw patients, especially those from underserved communities, when it was too late. Diggs witnessed patients from non-western backgrounds, many of whom were from her community, struggle to translate standardized treatment plans into their day-to-day lives. As a result, many patients would start but could not maintain their treatment plans. After seeing her patients struggle, Diggs combined her love for improving the health of others and entrepreneurship to create Journiy. Furthermore, while serving in the Army, she created a process that saved her unit over a million dollars from purchase waste. 

Diggs is an active member of the Smith Veteran Community. She currently volunteers with a community clinic and at her church, when she can. In her free time, Diggs enjoys hiking, traveling, watching football, and dancing with her family.